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Discover the New Era of Skutesjön and Yggdrasil!

Uppdaterat: 18 juni

Hello Dear Family & Friends of Skutesjön! 🌺💖

Sketch of Skutesjön UI

We are excited to unveil our newly revamped website for Skutesjön!

After some time of dedication and hard work from our webdesigner and input from the family, we are delighted to finally being able to share our new digital home with you. We gave you a sneak peek a few days ago, and now we're officially launching!

Our new website is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of everything Skutesjön and Yggdrasil. You'll find detailed information about our services, our community, and our upcoming events. We've dedicated a large portion of our page to our summer festival, Yggdrasil. #sommarfestivalenYggdrasil There you can find all the details about the different yoga & meditation sessions, dance workshops, concerts, and much more.

Webdesigner working in forest at night

One of the highlights of our new site is the stunning imagery, photos taken by our family and in-house designer Artur, who also produced all the images and graphics himself and together with #midjourney. There are some hidden gems spread out on the page.

We've also been busy with our blog, where we share updates about our ongoing projects, like refurbishing the buildings, sprucing up the garden, our upcoming greenhouse projects and planning for Yggdrasil.

If you're interested in contributing to our blog or have any Skutesjön relevant content to share, we'd love to hear from you!

story of Yggdrasil

As with any big launch, there might be a few bumps along the way. If you spot any errors or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and explore our new website. We hope you love it as much as we do!

And remember, sharing is caring. Help us spread the word about our new website and the exciting things happening at Skutesjön and Yggdrasil!

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