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Our Greenhouse project

Welcome to the Greenhouse Project page! This initiative is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and self-sufficiency. It's a symbol of our commitment to creating a bio-regenerative, self-sufficient community. The greenhouse project is done by the Greenhouse team and the food team at Skutesjön together with member Artur and HOME - Habitat On Mother Earth.

The Skutesjön Greenhouse Project will be more than just a greenhouse. It will be a place where we grow everything from avocado, banana, cacao, mango, passionfruit, and pineapple to herbs, spices, tomatoes, chili, microgreens, leafy greens, and much more. The goal is to make Skutesjön self-sufficient in many types of food, and also generate a surplus to be sold to the local community.

We invite you to join us on this journey of wellness, community, and sustainability.

You can get involved in various ways:

  1. Donate: Your financial contributions will help us build and maintain the greenhouse.

  2. Volunteer: We need hands-on help with building the greenhouse and maintaining the plants.

  3. Spread the Word: Help us reach more people by sharing our project on your social media platforms or with your friends and family.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer various perks to our contributors. These include discounts on produce, early access to new products, and exclusive updates on the project's progress.

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