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Yggdrasil 2023

The schedule and workshops are preliminary, but they are close to how it will be. Stay updated to see the latest developments!



Here you can find and view the Program for the festival as well as a map to help you find your way. 

You can also download the schedule and map as a PDF here!


Find the program points that tickle your imagination. On this page you find an abundance of activitis for. Our program content is rich and diverse, offering wellness activities, kid-friendly events, and opportunities for creating memorable experiences.



Discover the variety of accommodation options at Yggdrasil . From priority bunk bed rooms for families with children to an expansive camping area for tents, cars, campervans, and motorhomes. Learn about our shared accommodations for a communal experience and our on-site facilities including a café and sauna. Understand our payment methods and additional services like towel and bed sheet rentals. Plan your stay with us for a memorable festival experience


Instructions and various options on how to reach the Yggdrasil Festival. It includes information about public transportation, driving directions, and potential ride-sharing opportunities.



This link leads to a comprehensive guide on preparing for the Yggdrasil Festival. It includes packing essentials, guidelines on respectful behavior, and information about meals, café services, and ride-sharing opportunities.


Discover how to end your festival journey on a high note! This guide will help you leave no trace, ensure you've packed all your belongings, and keep the friendships you've made alive. Click to learn how to wrap up your Yggdrasil experience in the most fulfilling way!

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